User feedback

“I have been working on the assumption that our housebound visiting vaccination service might be able to manage 2.5 jabs per hour. Our nurse tells me that yesterday using the output from your algorithm she managed a rate of 5/hr. That transforms the deliverability.”

"Thanks, it works like a charm. What a fantastic resource!"

“We are all incredibly busy, and I was faced with a list of 230 patients spread over a rural and suburban PCN, and had no idea how to start. Vaximap gave us the confidence to start this enormous task.”

"I used this for our vaccine lists and it’s amazing. It saved me so much time. Thank you so much."

“One of our Practice Nurses followed your routes yesterday. She was very impressed with how well it worked, and wants to use Vaximap every year for our flu vaccines. She vaccinated 23 housebound people in 4 hours yesterday, in a suburban area.”

"Thanks for the above mapping software it is genius and kind you have allowed us to use it."

“Vaximap saves at least an hour a day on planning time, and 2 hours per day on nurse travel time. Over our 230 housebound patients I would estimate savings of 4 hours of planning time and 20 hours of nurse travel time.”

“For 50 patients I would expect to be spending at least 3-4 hours uploading and manually creating routes that seem to be the best, rather than having optimised routes.”

"Thanks a lot for putting this together, we have already vaccinated our first 70 or so housebound patients using your wizardry."

“I would have been sitting with a map, A to Z and doing it all manually (and getting very frustrated). It’s also very easy to reorganise the list if a patient is unwell etc and cannot have the vaccine at the last minute.”

"Thank you for helping us tackle this - we wouldn't have known where to start without you."

"I have been using your awesome tool to plan our COVID Vaccines for our Housebound patients and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for making this available and for free. It has saved me hours planning routes."